Fashion Tips & Ideas On How To Get The Right Outfit To Suit You With Unique Fashionable Accessories

Is false fashion for you? What you have to bear in mind when keeping up with all the newest trends is, that never once were you in the designer’s thoughts when putting his or her creations together.

How many times have you cringed at styles of dresses, trousers, blouses or whatever knowing at the back of your mind how hideous you would look dressed in what was designed for the catwalk and yet you feel the need to have them because it’s in fashion.

Top designer labels do not come cheap and can be quite expensive leaving you broke when you could have bought a garment for half the price and still look just as stunning. Keeping up with fashion is all well and good but if you look stupid wearing something that wasn’t specifically designed for you don’t wear it. There is nothing worse than walking into a room thinking you are god’s gift because you paid a fortune for what you are wearing, only to be made a mockery of.

When out shopping next; find a shop selling quality gear for half the price of what it would cost to dress in designer gear. You will find similar or duplicated designs to the latest craze in most stores and even in second-hand or charity shops. This is your best option for picking up a bargain if you don’t have a lot of money. The good thing with charity shops their proceeds go to good causes, so as well as looking a million dollars in an outfit bought from such a shop you help the starving people of the world.

Fashion Tips:

Boob Tube: Not comfortable with the new boob tube you bought because your bare fleshed stomach is in full view but they are in fashion and you want one. This is easily sorted just narrow the gap down. Under, the breast where the hem of the garment is, stitch or glue tassels, beads or pearls. This makes a great cover up and also adds your own uniqueness to it. Another thing with this idea is you get to choose the colour of accessories you want to decorate the boob tube with –not having to make do with what the designer who has never met or seen you thinks is best for you.

Belts do not go down well with pleasantly plump girls. Well, they do but the big girl should exclude belts from her wardrobe as they are not complimentary for the woman with the big waistline. If belts are a must then let us find an alternative idea. Make your own belly piece. Get leather strips (off cuts) these can be any colour or assorted shades, braid/plait them together then hang the twisted menagerie loosely (not tight) around the middle securing it so it doesn’t slip down to the ankles. (You could also make a leather braided ankle strap to match) Add glitter or glue sequins to the strips to spice the belt up. This will not only look effective but complement your size. Off-cuts are cheap and you could if wanting to hang beads coins or whatever from the belt you made, this will let everyone know you are in the room or get you noticed on the dance floor because of the jingle and jangle.

Boots are in fashion but you cannot afford to buy them. Let’s be sneaky and clever to get you the nearest thing to boots. Buy closed in shoes then get a matching pair of the same colour as the shoe knee or ankle length socks and hey presto from a distance a pair of boots, how good is that?

Above are two ideas of what you can do if you put your mind to it, rather than end up in debt due to buying designer gear that no one gets to see because you emptied the bank account, and now can’t afford to go out and show your new outfit off.

In the fashion industry style and design changes every day, so you could be left with a very expensive dress left hanging in the wardrobe because it’s gone out of fashion

Forget about buying fashionable designer gear in the shops as those styles and design were not created for you personally. This is disastrous for some girls wanting to wear clothes trending at the time. If you can get away with wearing the latest trends then you are one of the lucky ones, sadly not all girls are that fortunate.

False fashion is what it is. Your height, weight, skin type was never taken into account by designers, unlike the rich and famous stars who always look good, that’s because these designers focus solely on what would suit or not suit each individual. How are the girls of today expected to look as fabulous unless they get the same treatment? The only one that can know what will suit you is you and not some stranger who has never set eyes on you.

It makes sense to put your own fashion ideas to use and into the bargain cost-effective. Design your own label? Who knows maybe your friends will want a piece of the action and a great way of making money too. Top designers started this way.

Tip: check out your jewellery box for odd broken pieces or visit a charity shop to pick up bits like gold or silver chains pendants rings pearls beads brooches etc. These can be used to decorate some of your already wardrobe content that is still in great condition but not as fashionable as they once were.

Look for scarves they make fabulous fashion accessories and colourful too for that drab outfit that needs that little something to set it off.

Make your own sparkly neck choker with glitter. Add studs in your own pattern. It’s your choice as to what and what you can do to put your own mark on it.

Hats will have heads turning so consider one or two for the wardrobe to stand out and be noticed. You can add jewellery bits and colourful feathers to headwear and make them your own

How many greeting cards come with tiny bows and more, save these and work with them. Add them to hair bands or stick them to shoes or boots. Gifts tend to come with some real eye-catching bits and bobs, so make these work for you. A lot can be done with silk flowers as well. It’s a cheap way to look good and fashionable… who needs fashion designers when you have you. To anyone wanting to save money and be fashionable all you need is imagination.

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Ingredients for the Classic English Garden

The classic English garden has evolved over time and taken on many guises, from for formality of seventeenth-century styles, the sweeping parklands of Capability Brown to the wild natural look of the Arts and Crafts movement. But even with the popularity of today’s modern designs with their minimalist planting schemes, the simplicity and romance of the English country garden still typifies what we understand as the classic English garden. Bring together pretty fragrance flowers, culinary herbs, garden buildings and a peaceful place to sit and you have the ingredients you need.

The garden bench is a must for any true English garden. Carefully placed for sun or shade in a place that is peaceful and conducive to quiet reflection, the bench can take on many and varied designs to suit taste and compliment garden design. The classic Thakeham seat or Lutyens bench, originally designed by the furniture maker and architect Sir Edwin Lutyens in 1900 still graces many a classic English garden. But there are other beautiful designs to be had in wood, iron and stone. Garden ornaments also have an important place in the English garden, stone statues of shy maidens or classic characters placed in amongst herbaceous borders; sundials creating a focal point at the end of a pathway, and birdbaths creating a showcase for birdlife.

The classic English garden cannot be without a greenhouse. It was the Victorians and their love of new and exotic species of plants that popularised the greenhouse. Basic aluminium structures are cheapest but a wooden structure in the Victorian or Edwardian style adds romance to a south-facing part of the garden. However, you can’t get more romantic than the humble potting shed. Typically used for re-potting seedlings, it is a place to escape the trials and hustle of life, offering sanctuary to the true gardener.

Traditionally associated with the English cottage garden, lavender is a Mediterranean plant originally brought to this country by the Romans but has now become synonymous with English garden planting schemes. Another plant the English garden cannot be without is of course the rose. By the nineteenth century horticulturalists were breeding a wide variety of roses for their colour and fragrance. Climbing roses grace the walled garden, while scented shrub roses fill the borders with irresistible scent to fill the senses and ramblers climb high into the branches of a tree.

Herb gardens were a vital part of horticulture in the Middle Ages, where herbs were mainly used for medicinal purposes. Some herbs with stunning flowers moved over time into the ornamental garden, whereas others became part of the vegetable garden where their culinary uses became popular. Today, more romantic additions are added to the herb garden such as scented herbs and sweet peas, grown in garden planters with tall wigwam supports.

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The Importance of Construction Law and Litigation

Recent problems in the housing industry and economy have resulted in a number of canceled and abandoned construction projects. As a result, the need for construction lawyers is greater today than ever before.

Construction projects involve a multitude of various contracts and many different people. Construction law is not as cut and dry as other types of law because of this.

Each construction law firm specializes in different areas, but will likely address legal issues such as:

  • Construction delays–delays have become a very serious issue as money becomes a problem for contractors. But even if the contractor or the person who spearheaded the project no longer has money to finish a project, he or she still owes a great deal of money to investors. Many projects have been abandoned because of this issue.
  • Cost overruns and change orders–this is when an individual investing in a construction project believes that he or she was lied to when the deal was first sold and a solid monetary number was listed.
  • Contracts–as previously mentioned, there are many contracts involved in any construction project. There are contracts between investors, contractors, employees, renters, etc.
  • Defective work claims–when money starts to dry up, it is common for contractors to try to cut corners by finishing the work on the project in a very cheap and poor manner.
  • Defects such as roofing defects, water intrusion, structural life safety issues
  • Liens
  • Insurance coverage disputes
  • Mold and mildew claims
  • Documents related to the project including loan documentation

Most construction projects have so many elements to attend to that it is difficult to proceed without a knowledgeable construction lawyer.

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How to Hold Your Salespeople Accountable – Part 1 of 6 on Sales Management

What is the number 1 challenge faced by sales management? Achieving sales targets…Handling difficult clients…Geographical distance…Managing personality diversity…Motivating salespeople or Keeping clients happy?Based on the feedback we have received for over the last 10 years the greatest challenge for sales management is how to achieve consistent sales performance from their salespeople.By the very nature of sales it’s a tough job yet there are salespeople, who quite frankly would be better suited in another role but they are still in sales. The question is why? To amplify the point a research paper written by Julian Griffith, ‘Taking the Lid off your Sales Organisation’ concluded that 74% of salespeople are underperformers, 20% are strong performers and only 6% are in the elite category.With such a high percentage of underperformers the problem rests squarely with sales management. Quoting from the same paper:
• 18% of sales managers should not be in sales management
• 34% of sales managers are not trainable
• 7% of sales managers are considered elite performersAs a manager responsible for sales, let’s face it salespeople are not the easiest group of people to manage. They don’t like to be held accountable particularly the underperformers who cause most of the headaches and consume most of their sales manager’s time.In successful sales organizations sales management do hold their salespeople accountable and have the respect of their salespeople. In this environment salespeople will go the extra mile to achieve and surpass their sales targets. They set a standard that others in the salesforce want to follow. The push for higher sales performance comes from peer pressure and not so much from sales management.Where to begin?
Create buy-in with your salespeople and openly discuss and encourage interaction by using the following sales accountability tools:1) The measures and performance they will be accountable forBegin by asking yourself, what is this salesperson capable of achieving and is there anything preventing them from achieving it? When discussing measures and performance let your salesperson know the reason for the sales or other targets by linking them back to the business goals. This will help them to understand why.Talk about financial incentives and or sales awards on offer and your accountability to them. Your accountability could be the minimum days you will commit to working with them in their sales territory. When they know you are accountable to them as they are to you it demonstrates that accountability works both ways. This often has a motivating effect on salespeople.Measures and performance need to be clearly defined so there are no uncertainties. Whilst measures should be realistic and achievable there needs to be a stretch factor to make it challenging for the salesperson. Measures can be daily, weekly or monthly units.Example:
- Number of daily sales calls made to existing clients
- Number of daily sales calls made to prospective clients
- Number of on time reports handed in per month
- Percentage profit margin per product2) Taking personal responsibilityIf a sales manager doesn’t take personal responsibility for his or her actions and uses excuses for non performance then how can they expect their salespeople to behave any differently? The leadership you demonstrate and the environment you create can inspire your salespeople to want to follow you.This can include:
- What you say is what you do
- You don’t use excuses but find other ways to get results
- You don’t accept excuses from your salespeople
- You demonstrate your commitment to your salespeople’s success
- You expect nothing less than the best from your salespeople
- You set the tone and pace of sales performanceIf you have a salesperson who doesn’t take responsibility then you may need to mentor them. Focus on their behaviour and the problems it is causing and not on the person. They need to be held accountable for their actions which can include low prospecting activity, not meeting sales targets and low margin sales.
Only when your salespeople fully appreciate that by taking total responsibility for their thoughts, feelings, behaviour and sales results can they experience great success. This is a proactive approach to accountability.3) A results mindsetThere are basically two occupation mindsets:
3.1) Task orientated which leads to much activity but often doesn’t provide productivity gains
3.2)The results mindset that focuses on daily activities that are aligned with the sales targetIf you have a salesperson that is task orientated begin by showing them how this behaviour leads to poor sales outcomes and is typically revealed by a low sales call to order ratio. You will need to spend time coaching them because there will be sales skills issues that you need to address, for example not qualifying prospective clients.It may be tempting to become emotionally involved when holding your salesperson accountable but you need to remain focused or you will lose control of the situation. You are the sales manager so do what needs to be done even if it feels somewhat uncomfortable initially. The bottom line is that you are responsible for sales.

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How to Have Timely and Useful HR Indicators For News

Every business needs to be updated regarding different areas such as the market standing of the company, the current trends and even the performance of the strongest competition. This is because every piece of information that is obtained will be used to make a wise decision about the present situation. Such information is now considered as news as they are the newest data that will prove to be very significant to the organization in the days, weeks, months or years to come. What your company needs here is to measure those that should be gauged and one of the most important is of course the personnel. Everyone that works in your company should be assessed including those that deliver and gather the news to the firm. This can be calculated by means of using hr indicators for news.Human resources are indeed essential in order for you to carry out your local objectives and the corporate wide goals. Without them, you will not find success even if you have invested a lot of money on sophisticated solutions or pieces of software. Thus, you should always ensure that the HR practices are at their best so that the goals will definitely be attained. For your news department, you should make sure that they are competent enough in producing the newest data so that you can keep up with the fast paced world of business.There are literally thousands of hr indicators for news that you can use and are applicable to your HR dashboard. However, you should not just jump in immediately without knowing first about why you need to measure the division. The first step is to actually have a goal and that will be your basis as to how well your news staff is performing at a given period in time. For instance, your main goal is to increase the revenue with the aid of your news staff. You can use hr indicators for news here like the compensation cost as the percentage of revenue. This will help you measure the revenue that you obtain compared to the salaries of your personnel.Another goal is to improve the performance of the employees. Thus, what you need here is an indicator that will tell you how effective your employees are, Their productivity per month or per given time should be measured so that you will find out if they are meeting your expectations or not. There will be times when the news HR will not be at their best especially if you have new employees on the area. What you need here is a training session that will bring out their knowledge and skills when it comes to obtaining the latest business news.In this tough business world, you have to be quick in order for you to grab the prize. Otherwise, you will be left out in the race where there are also others who are eyeing on the big reward, which is success. Not a lot of firms are able to become successful but if you have excellent human resources in your team, you can be victorious in your efforts.

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Monitoring the Local Business News Can Help

You may not realize just how important local business news can be to your business. Nowadays, with access to the Internet a business can keep track of all of the industry updates, what their competitors are up to, any important law changes, what your customers are looking for or are interested in, plus much more.To become a successful business in the world today, you must maintain a competitive advantage because no matter what niche your business falls under, there is a large amount of competition with basically the same amount of consumers. Competing for the business of those consumers is one way to guarantee that your business will stay afloat.Staying on top of the latest information, from all angles, through utilizing the local business news should be one of your top priorities. You can do this through utilizing RSS feeds from the different news websites, industry related blogs, and more. Have all of the information from all of the different relevant sites come to you in one easy place for you to view it all. This will save you hours of research on a daily basis just looking for the information that you need.Even though the Internet is a great way to monitor the local business news, don’t forget that you can also monitor the newspapers in your area or even business magazines that cater to your specific niche.Don’t let the competition pass you buy and pick up your customers as they do. Stay a step ahead of everyone else through utilizing the tools and resources that you have available to you: your computer, Internet access, newspapers, etc. Then, set an hour aside a day to review all of the latest news articles and information that has been published since your last update. Local business news can be your next best friend.

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Teletrack – Payday Loans

When you enter a loan agency do you expect to be greeted by friendly faces? Do you demand low interest rates and consumer-friendly lending terms? Do you ensure you are able to enter the agreement without suffering a fiscal loss? Of course you do! You would like to ensure that you see a bright future for yourself upon entering an agreement with the lending party. Just as you do, the loan agency would like to ensure they see a positive result on the horizon. They do not want to enter a lending agreement that is of high risk. Surely they do not want to enter an agreement with a client whom does not intend to repay the loan. Ideally they’d like to enter an agreement with a low-risk client whom has a great credit history, positive references and a respectable reputation.Unfortunately, without the assistance of third party it is extremely difficult for lenders to ensure they minimize client risks. This is why lenders and loan agencies seek the assistance of a company called Teletrack! Who isn’t interested in a cost-effective, efficient solution to a market wide issue?What is Teletrack?Teletrack has been providing loan agencies and lenders the client information they need to ensure they are dealing with reliable borrowers since 1989. The Teletrack system has had constant success as more and more agencies have come to adopt the screening process. It allows loan agencies such as payday loan lenders to check borrower information that includes, but is not limited to: bankruptcy records, outstanding debts, collectability statistics, landlord/tenant records and overall client credibility.Why is Teletrack so successful?Teletrack is commonly adopted by loan agencies and lenders to ensure they are going to see a return on their loan. It is most commonly used for the payday loan industry. It provides the lenders with confidential information on each of their clients. This information provides lenders with the confidence they need to allow you hundreds or thousands of dollars in loans, often within just a few hours. Without the assistance of Teletrack, lenders would be unable to identify high-risk clients which would ultimately result in a financial loss.How much information does it provide?Teletrack offers lenders and loan agencies a wide range of fiscal and credit information. Lenders can watch for alerts from tenants, review bankruptcy claims, manage collectability rates, verify identification material, browse court records, compile risk assessments and surf skip tracing records. As you can see, they work hard to provide lenders the needed information to confidently issue loans to respectable borrowers.How are Teletrack and Payday Loans related?Teletrack is commonly used by Payday Loan providers, however the two are not directly related. Payday Loan providers offer short-term loans to those who need financial aid in emergency expense situations. It provides Payday Loan providers with the needed information to identify high-risk clients. That being said, it also provides Payday Loan providers with the needed resources to reduce risks and increase the number of accepted borrowers each month.As a lender, you may be interested to learn that the teletrack system is only a click away! If you are interested in the service, you won’t have far to look.As a respectable borrower, you may be interested to learn that Teletrack has something to offer you as well. You can rest easy knowing that the time and effort you’ve put into making timely payments and visiting the agency for updates has paid off. As you continue on your journey as a borrower, your reputation will continue to rise. Teletrack doesn’t just identify problematic borrowers, but exemplary borrowers as well!As you can see, Teletrack has something for everyone, borrowers and lenders alike. Take a few minutes to consider the information above and ensure you’re not missing out on this wonderful resource! If you are still worrying about high-risk clients, put your mind to rest with Teletrack. Shed the excuses and make a strategic change to your client screening process today.

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Employment Law – Error in Law By Tribunal – Number of Hours Worked

The case of McLean v Rainbow Homeloans Ltd [2006], involved an employee who was employed as a mortgage advisor. He had commenced employment on 14 April 2004, and had had his employment terminated on 1 April 2005.The employee asserted that during the period of his employment, he had regularly worked for between 55 and 60 hours per week. He claimed that the employer had then asked him to work at the weekends, in addition to the hours that he had been working already. The employee refused that request, at which point on 23 March 2005, he received a letter from his employer which he interpreted as giving notice that his employment was to be terminated.The employee brought proceedings before the employment tribunal. The tribunal held that it had no jurisdiction to hear the employee’s claim. It cited the reason for this decision being that the employee had not claimed that he had been dismissed for attempting to assert a statutory right under the Working Time Regulations 1998 SI 1998/1833 (“the Regulations”). The tribunal said that in those circumstances, his claim for unfair dismissal could proceed no further on the basis that he had not accrued the requisite qualifying period of service under s.108(1) of the Employment Rights Act 1996 (“the Act”).The employee appealed to the Employment Appeals Tribunal (EAT). The employee submitted that the tribunal had erred in finding that it had no jurisdiction to hear his claim. He argued that:– It was wrong to prevent his claim from continuing on the ground that he had not alleged that he had been dismissed for attempting to assert a statutory right.- the tribunal had failed to have regard to the provisions of s.101(A) and s.108(3)(dd) of the Act. Those provisions dis-applied the statutory continuous service requirements in respect of an unfair dismissal claim where it had been alleged that an employee had been dismissed for refusing to adhere to an employer’s requirement that would have contravened the Regulations.- this applied to his case due to the fact that he had been asked to work many more hours than he should have been.The appeal was allowed. In this case, it was held that the tribunal had erred in law by directing itself that it had no jurisdiction to hear the claim on the ground that the employee had not alleged that his dismissal had been a consequence of his attempt to assert a statutory right. The EAT said that it was plain from the terms of the Act that the tribunal had jurisdiction to hear the employee’s claim on the basis that he had alleged that his dismissal had been a consequence of him having refused to accept the employer’s request to work hours in contravention of the Regulations.It was decided that the employee’s claim would be remitted to the tribunal for re-consideration.If you require further information please contact us at [email protected] or Visit© RT COOPERS, 2007. This Briefing Note does not provide a comprehensive or complete statement of the law relating to the issues discussed nor does it constitute legal advice. It is intended only to highlight general issues. Specialist legal advice should always be sought in relation to particular circumstances.

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Don’t Fall Victim To A Health Insurance Scam – 10 “Red Flags” You Should Look For

In today’s fast paced world, business owners don’t often have the time to thoroughly check out the companies they rely on to provide goods and services. In many cases, a determination of product/service quality can be made at the time goods are delivered or services are rendered. If goods or services do not meet expectations, there is often an immediate remedy available. For example, poor quality goods can be shipped back to the supplier and/or payment for services can be withheld until services are satisfactorily rendered.Unfortunately, business owners do not always purchase items that are tangible items, in the sense that they can immediately determine the quality of the goods and/or services at the time of purchase. One example of such a purchase is health insurance. Since health insurance is not usually used immediately after purchase, the quality of care or the legitimacy of the policy may not even come into play until the business owner, or a family member, actually needs to have medical treatment. This is one of the primary reasons that many companies, often appearing legitimate, can get away with selling bogus health insurance coverage to unsuspecting business owners.In most cases, fraudulent health insurance policies are sold to business owners by telemarketers or “agents” through bogus Associations and Unions. In that, the buyer must join a professional and/or trade association or become a union member to qualify for health insurance. In fact, in a study published by the U.S. General Accountability Office (GAO) in 2004, the GAO found that association schemes ranked at the top of the marketing methods followed by bogus health insurers. According to the report, “Employers and Individuals Are Vulnerable to Unauthorized or Bogus Entities Selling Coverage, between 2000 and 2002, the U.S. Department of Labor and state insurance regulators identified 144 unauthorized entities selling health insurance unlawfully. These entities defrauded 15,000 employers and more than 200,000 policyholders out of $252 million.”However, it is important to mention that many individual and group health insurance products are endorsed by reputable Associations, such as the ARRP and the American Bar Association and, many reputable Unions, such as the AFLCIO and the Teamsters. These organizations have long been recognized for bringing a common class of professionals or citizens together for other purposes that have very little to do with health insurance. Membership commonly includes a wide range of other benefits in addition to discounted health insurance. Typically, the organizations have a governing organization, a constitution and bylaws, a set of officers, voting rights, regular membership meetings and a professional code of conduct.Unfortunately, most individuals do not find out that they were making hefty monthly payments or premiums to fraudulent Associations or Unions until they have a severe condition that requires medical treatment. Usually, it isn’t until after they receive treatment that they receive notice from their medical provider that the claim that was submitted to the insurance company was denied and that all the medical charges that were incurred are now their responsibility.Often, the scheme starts when business owners are contacted by telephone or approached by someone who claims to represent a certain, official sounding, Association or Union. The business owner is then informed that if s/he becomes a member of the Association or joins the Union, s/he could qualify for a low cost group or individual health insurance plan. Typically the Association or Union is promoted to represent self-employed individuals and small business owners. The low cost health insurance is usually presented as one of the many “perks” that the business owner can qualify for, in addition to many other “member” benefits, like discounts on other services, such as dental, eyeglasses, office supplies, hotels, rental cars, etc.In many instances, these bogus companies involve licensed health insurance agents to sell their fraudulent health insurance products. Sometimes the “agents” know the products are fraudulent, other times, the “agent” also falls prey to the scheme. Often, the schemes prey upon consumers who have been previously declined insurance coverage or suffer from a pre-existing condition. Since these consumers have very limited options to purchase private health insurance coverage, the benefits of an Association or Union membership that offers health insurance coverage for a “membership fee” or “union due” is enticing. To the unsuspecting consumer that has a pre-existing medical condition or is paying high premiums for coverage, the “membership fee” or “union due” is a small price to pay for what they believe will be a quality health plan that provides “guaranteed” coverage with no “pre-existing condition exclusions” and no “waiting periods.”In many circumstances, the print materials that are left with the consumer are very well designed, however, the majority of the time, the language in the “health plan brochure,” if there is one, is very unclear. The literature may name the entity that is authorized to act as the health plan administrator of the plan, but neglect to name the actual insurance company that is providing the health insurance coverage. Unfortunately, it is often difficult for the consumer to separate the illegitimate companies selling official sounding health plans from the legitimate ones. Typically fraudulent health plans have many commonalities.Here are 10 “Red Flags” that may indicate health insurance fraud:1. The “agent” is not a licensed insurance agent but an “enrollment” or “membership” coordinator.2. The term “discount plan” is written in the product literature, but the term health plan, health insurance or policy is frequently used by the plan promoter. Discount plans often provide nothing more than a discount for medical services, such as prescription medications, eyeglasses, dental, etc. These plans are not designed to offer major medical health insurance coverage.3. The official sounding “Association or Union” is one that you have never heard of before.4. The plan is referred to as an ERISA plan. The Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) is a federal law that allows employers to set up employee benefit plans for employees and their dependents. ERISA plans are not subject to state regulation and are not regulated by the state insurance commissioner. ERISA plans are normally not sold as health insurance, but are instead, established by employers, unions or groups acting on behalf of employers. Therefore, unsuspecting buyers believe these plans actually offer health insurance coverage, when if fact, they do not.5. The buyer is told that the “membership fee or union dues” includes the health insurance premium, but there is no mention of the word “premium” in any of the plan literature.6. The plan offers “guaranteed” insurance coverage with no exclusions for “pre-existing conditions” and no “waiting periods.”7. The plan is significantly cheaper in price than other health insurance plans.8. The term “reinsured” is used in regards to the plan. Reinsurance is something insurance companies buy to protect themselves against their own risks. It is insurance for insurance companies. Licensed insurers rarely have their agents mention any of their reinsurance arrangements during a sales presentation.9. If the Association or Union is comprised of members from all walks of life and/or requires its members to state that they belong to a certain trade, class or group of professionals that they have no affiliation with, for example, the Association or Union is said to be comprised of “Food and Beverage” workers, but “Florists” and “Machinists” are allowed to enroll as members.10. If the Association or Union is said to have a special arrangement with a health insurance company, a plan administrator or another third party that has designed the plan using a legal “loophole” that allows members to purchase health insurance at a discounted rate or to purchase a individual or group health insurance policy.So how can you protect yourself from falling victim to a fraudulent insurance scam? Make sure you contact your state’s department of Insurance to determine if the health insurance company and the third-party administrator are licensed to do business in your state and make sure that the “agent” selling the plan is a “licensed health insurance agent.” Additionally, make sure that the health insurance company has been approved to sell the particular policy that is being offered. Since it may be difficult to tell if fraud is involved, always put off buying your insurance policy until you have had the opportunity to perform your own due diligence.©2007 Small Business Insurance Services, Inc.

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How Cryptocurrency Trading Software Is Helping To Grow Your Crypto Platform

The cryptocurrency trading software package is an integrated system to manage all aspects of cryptocurrency trading platform like all kinds of crypto buy, sell, exchange, lending, MLM & affiliate management, converting, live market comparison & analyzing etc.

Important features you should consider:

Buy, Sell And Exchange: Nishue is the impressive trading management system offers a smooth and secure methodology for your users to effortlessly Buy, Sell and exchange cryptocurrencies.

Lending system management: This system is completely brokering friendly has a system to manage Crypto lending service, like create manage offers, maintain and moderation etc

Unique Admin Module: Nishue contains a secure and advanced Admin Module for you to control your Cryptocurrency exchange end-to-end.

Separate customer profile: Separate customer profile module that helps your users to easily track and check all Open deposit or withdraw orders, Records, Transactions etc. on just a click.

MLM & affiliate management: This marketing ready automation tools facilitate to manage your level wise affiliate commission, contribution history, and documents.
Market comparison & Converter: Two additional system has been integrated for live Crypto Comparison, Conversion & Depth analysis.

How Cryptocurrency Trading Software Is Helping To Grow Your Crypto Platform:

Coin Deposit & Withdraw: Crypto trader need to maintain enormous Deposit and Withdraw request daily. Trading software aid to manage your activity with its auto set algorithm.

Coin Package & Lending offer: Keep your various coin package and lending offer at the fingers end of your customer. You can create, manage and advertise your offer using a well-designed package.

Level wise commission: If you follow the MLM strategy to reward your respective participants, and worried about set their commission? OK, It is ready to auto calculate their level wise commission.

Notification & Risk management: Every crypto trading platform must arrange push notification system to keep itself and its client up to date about many alarming issues thus help eliminate risk. In this case, a system project is totally perfect.

Multiple Payment Gateway: You can Integrate your cryptocurrency wallet, Local currency, Payeer Even Mobile Banking system as a Payment method within this software to make your transaction hassle free.

Daily, Weekly & Monthly ROI: Are you worried about maintaining ROI as per you said. This cryptocurrency trading management software can auto calculate ROI, commission, and others as per your given instruction.

Free Responsive Website: It must have integrated a fully responsive, SEO optimized dynamic website with our system and it is totally free. It will help you to manage your enterprise smoothly.

Crypto Comparison, Conversion & Depth analysis: Crypto live market cap & coin convertor two addition system has been integrated for live Crypto Comparison, Conversion & Depth analysis

100% secured System: A trading software is designed after having highly security issue in mind. Secured Integer framework, two-factor authentication, and much other security systems have been applied in this cryptocurrency trading software.

The absolute package exclusively for spot cryptocurrency trading that allows users to trade Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin through Coinbase. Built upon the same technology that powers the Nishue software, It incorporates proven market-leading tools developed over 25 years to provide both professional and active cryptocurrency traders with a better experience than what’s currently offered by other crypto-only trading solutions.

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